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Terra Real Estate is a natural extension of the property knowledge and contacts we have made in the Wood River Valley and beyond.

After consistently being asked by several clients (and other realtors!) why we don’t have a real estate entity, we finally took their advice and have started Terra Real Estate to broaden our services to existing and new clients.

As a group that has had substantial past “real world” professional experience (both prior to moving to the Wood River Valley and while here) and one that is currently very engaged in the workings of the Valley, we offer professionalism that has a proven track record of trust, knowledge, and attention to detail. Our connections in the Valley, Seattle area, California, and beyond – the Terra Group has clients that include over 1,000 individual homes – translates into a level of expertise and exposure we feel is unrivaled. In addition, we have worked with most realtors in the Valley and work with them as colleagues, not competition.


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The Terra Group

The Terra Group is a locally owned company which provides homeowner association management, landscaping, and real estate services to HOAs and private clients.

The Terra Group began as a small association management company in 2006 under the name Nichols Property Management. We began with a handful of clients and steadily increased the client base every year to our current level of 36 associations, ranging from large neighborhoods to all sizes of condominium and townhome associations. In this capacity we manage all aspects of the business of the HOA – building upkeep and improvement, communications, corporate governance, finances, etc. Additionally, we provide maintenance and construction services to individual owners on a contracted basis.

As the number of associations that we managed grew, we saw a need for highly responsive landscaping and snow removal services that could be tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients. In 2008 we decided that we could better serve the needs of the HOAs we manage by bringing these services in house. This allowed us to be more responsive, control costs, and have a breadth of staff available to cover many different needs of our clients. Soon thereafter we began adding private clients to our landscaping division as our reputation and demand grew.

In 2014 we added the third complementary branch to the company – real estate sales. With our intricate knowledge of the HOAs we manage – their history, current conditions, and future plans – and our knowledge of property maintenance, we decided that we could provide to buyers and sellers a unique, knowledge-based approach to real estate sales.

Over time we have continued to grow to our current status as one of the largest association management and landscaping companies in the valley. We look forward to continuing to serve the residents and second home owners of the Wood River Valley.

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